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H.H. Prof Lin Yun...

Honoring H.H. Prof. Thomas Lin Yun, Da Shih

Feb. 7, 1932 - Aug. 11, 2010

Eulogy by Steven Post representing Prof. Lin's students

Geomancy/Feng Shui Education Organization

Steven Post

Meet Steven Post,
co-founder of GEO

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Often described as the Chinese art of placement, Feng Shui embraces much more:

  • Live in harmony with nature.
  • Enhance your home or workplace to benefit your career, wealth, health, and relationships.
  • Express your spiritual practice through your surroundings.
  • Use ancient secrets to transform your inner life and other circumstances.
  • Incorporate Feng Shui into your current occupation.

GEO follows the Black Sect Feng Shui Tradition, on which more information is available.

  • Control the impact of your home or workplace on your life.

  • Transform problems into successes with simple Feng Shui solutions.

  • Manifest what you want using powerful Feng Shui techniques.

GEO was formed at the specific request of Professor Lin Yun, the world's foremost Feng Shui Master and teacher of the majority of American Feng Shui practioners. He has designated GEO authoritative in consulting and education and a resource for his students. GEO's teachers have over sixty years' combined experience:

Steven Post Dr. Edgar Sung Barry Gordon
Feng Shui for Children Feng Shui for Children
Feng Shui Masters Program Feng Shui Masters Program